A day at Finca Miramundo

Visit our farm

You can visit our working coffee plantation and step into an unforgettable world of insolated beauty, hard manual labor, and basic time honored values. A day’s tour to the farm atop Mt. Miramundo allows lovers of coffee to understand all that occurs before they bring that cup of coffee to their mouth. Visitors to Copan can plan a day on our high mountain farm as can any of our clients that may pass through this special part of Honduras. Finca Miramundo is 50 minutes by 4×4 pick-up from Copan Ruinas and the views are spectacular during the winding ascent to the farm.

A tour begins with a visit to the shaded coffee-covered slopes and an explanation of the yearly cultivation cycle and meticulous care that results in our superior coffee. Continuing to the processing area or “beneficio” our guests learn of the journey from ripe, red harvested fruit, to washed and sun-dried grain, to carefully selected beans ready for roasting. It is a complex and obviously labor-intensive process and always leaves a lasting impression of the “I had no idea” variety.

After an elegant but hearty mountain lunch served on an overlook above the valley our visitors can explore the farm in depth. An extensive system of nature trails provides access to all areas of Miramundo, from coffee covered canyons to lush stands of high tropical forest. You can spend time bird watching, swim in a pool fed by a waterfall, or simply relax and absorb the tranquility, cool climate, and marvelous vistas of our mountain. You are indeed immersed in another world and a truly fascinating way of life. After ypur time at Finca Miramundo a cup of coffee will never again be taken for granted. It will carry the rich flavor of memories from your experiences on a high working plantation.

Stay at our Miramundo lodge

For those that would like a larger experience on a coffee plantation than a day’s visit provides, we have a very special option. Our mountaintop lodge allows overnight or extended stays on Miramundo for couples, families, or small groups of 6-8 people. The lodge has three bedrooms, bath, fireplace, a fully modern kitchen, and an outdoor area with a gazebo and a spectacular overhanging deck. In spite of the “away–from-it-all” feel you experience a rustic elegance with full electric (a stand by generator even), hot water on demand, and yes cell phone service if you must interrupt the solicitude. We assemble a food package for your group based on your length of stay and preferences (within western Honduran possibilities) and can arrange a helper for domestic chores.

Miramundo Lodge is just that, not a “resort” so a reasonable amount of self–sufficiency is implied. A stay at the lodge actually incorporates you into the daily routine and life of the farm. You will get to know the workers and walk the finca with them to see exactly what is involved in developing a fine coffee. Visitors experience the ever changing climate on the mountain as bright green slopes disappear into the mist and reappear after a heavy tropical rain. You will have your morning coffee on the deck above a cloud-blanketed valley with hilltops protruding like islands in a soft white sea. Noisy flights of parrots pass overhead and you will see motmots and toucans in the forest.

The plantation is magical for a hundred reasons and you will experience many of them during your stay. For serious coffee aficionados or those in the industry who want to visit an “origin” in Central America there is none better than Finca Miramundo. The combination of a working eco-sustainable farm, truly comfortable accommodations, and an area rich in Mayan history and culture to explore sets it apart. You can enhance your high mountain experience with time in the charming village of Copan Ruinas and visit the stunning archaeological park and sculpture museum there. From Miramundo lodge you will have an insider’s perspective on western Honduras as the coffee culture is at the very center of life here.

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