High mountain coffee

Our coffee plantation, Finca Miramundo, crafts rich, robust 100% Arabica coffee in the highlands of western Honduras.
At an average elevation of 1,250 meters (4,100ft.), Mt. Miramundo overlooks deep green valleys and the impressive ancient Maya ruins of Copan. Our coffee develops its deep flavor on cool, cloud-swept slopes. Our shade-grown beans are hand-selected at maturity to ensure the rich body and unusual smoothness of our coffee. Our estate grown Arabica is not a blend of beans from various producers or regions; it is gathered exclusively from our farm’s carefully tended production.


The Café Miramundo proces

Ancient craft, modern tools

At Finca Miramundo, we have taken the time-honored coffee growing traditions developed over the last century in Guatemala and western Honduras and combined them with modern, ecologically sensible processing techniques. Using methods learned from their forefathers, local “cosecheros” maintain, nurture, and once a year pick the mature fruit from the sinuous rows of mountain coffee.

Human hands

To assure freshness, the ripe “cherries” are carried down the slopes to be weighed and processed the same afternoon they are picked. The beans are separated from the fruit or “pulp” and are twice sorted for quality by experienced eyes and hands. Our “wet-mill” equipment from Ecosistem S.A. of Antigua, Guatemala efficiently separates the first quality beans from those less perfect while minimizing water usage with re-circulating pumps.

Coffee production in tune with nature

The beans are washed in water from the finca’s own fresh water springs, and, during the latter part of the harvest – March and April – they are spread. Dried fens serve as shadecloth above while the beans are drying in the heat of the tropical sun on our patio. Nutrient-rich by-products are isolated in composting areas to avoid possible contamination of local water supplies.

A drying process depending on the season

At our high altitude, however, the early part of the harvest (mid-December through January) often occurs in misty, rainy conditions, therefore making patio drying impractical. During this time of year, we employ the tried-and-true “Guardiola” drum dryer. These dryers were first designed by European Guatemalan coffee growers in the late 1800s to evenly reduce the humidity of the beans to correct levels for stable storage.

Committed to quality

Throughout the entire process from picking to drying, our coffee is handled with the care that assures the roaster a bean of maximum quality. We are certain you will be pleased with our beans and look forward to welcoming you to our coffee farm in the near future.

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